How does a school/organization receive their percentage of the sale?

- Once the Student/School's information has been entered in the "Cart" section and the order has been processed and completed, the school will receive 25% of the gross profits.

What is a Trendi Collab?

- Trendi Collabs is when Trendi collaborates with a specific school, organization, or clothing line to create a logo to further expand school spirit and/or business partnerships. 

contact sales@wearetrendi.com for more information on Trendi Collabs.

When will my order ship?

- Please allow 8 - 10 business days from the time your order is placed for processing and verification.

Can I return my item for a refund/Exchange?

- Unfortunately No. Trendi does not have the option of returning an item for a refund or exchange. All sales are final after item(s) have been processed. Please keep in mind, you have the ability to change your order prior to shipment if needed. 

How can i change something on my order?

- Changes to orders are available until the order has been processed and shipped. Once the order has been shipped, changes to order will no longer be available.

Please email support@wearetrendi.com to change order.